Save Money on Your Marketing & Grow your Business with Hyper Targeted Every Door Direct Mail

Automated and Customized “Every Door Direct Mail / EDDM” by SendJim and Certified SendJim Partner Wasatch Marketing Design converts leads into sales 24/7!
Select the Houses or Businesses You Want
Select the Houses or Businesses You Want
Click Send to Mail Your EDDM Cards
Click Send to Mail Your EDDM Cards
Works with business services, products, events, real estate, or promotions! No need to shoot into the dark to target customers with your EDDM. Reach specific residential or commercial addresses. Target individual homes or entire neighborhoods by just clicking and sending.
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Pinpoint Hyper-Targeted Direct Mail Generate Clients On Demand!

  • 14 Day FREE Trial
  • FREE EDDM Template Designs
  • Completely Automated
  • Pinpoint Map Radius Mailing
  • Client Neighbor Mailing
  • Easy To Use Admin Dashboard
  • Save Time and Money
  • Pinpoint Customer Targeting
  • Customer Support Team
  • Send Postcards, Greeting Cards, Hand Written Cards, Ringless Voicemails, Brownies, Gifts, & So Much More!

Easy 1, 2, 3 Every Door Direct Mail
1. Choose from hundreds of pre-made templates or create a custom designed template for numerous types of businesses and industries.
2. Schedule Your Every Door Direct Mailings.
3. Target Specific Contacts or Groups and Send them Your EDDM Cards.
Sign Up here with SendJim and Wasatch Marketing Design will make you a custom designed EDDM card and help setup your first EDDM campaign for *FREE. You can use this to send over and over for the best ROI. Setup everything in minutes and SendJim’s software takes care of the rest. No need to find a graphic designer, print company, pay for shipping, and deal with the post office. Everything is automated by SendJim’s software.
SendJim Total Marketing Value
SendJim Subscription: $1,188/yr Value
Radius Bomb Hyper Targeting System: $1,000/yr Value
Neighbor Mailing Automation: $1,000/yr Value
Relationship Marketing Suite: $1,000/yr Value
SendJim Pro Tools Community Member: Priceless…
Total Value: $4,188 / Year

*Businesses are required to provide design file assets to Wasatch Marketing Design such as EDDM card business logo and contact information. Signup Now!

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